Monday, 31 October 2011


The most important aspect of this seminar today was gathering an understanding of what the term Panopticism actually entails. Overall you could say that we, as modern day human beings, are constantly under the restraints of our own minds. We assume that the impact of society is the most important way to living in a particular and essential belief of self control. 

The Panotpicon, a building created by (Jeremy Bentham - 1791) to provoke an enormous sense of power, that ultimately focusses control in a direct approach, allowing reformation of the previously punished to be controlled by themselves. This fear, the embarrassment of not being part of society, the approach of your everyday life and choice is something we take as the definite ideal of living. Isolation played a massive factor on the success of this theory, it was a time of change, in society, technology and the very grasp of industrialisation and so this movement drived change. 

Torture and punishment could no long stand a the front and formost crucial part of an effective way of reform. This did not have the desired conclusion. By evoking a sense of fear in your own mind, you have allowed power of assumption to take forward your instincts to being normal.  Power ultimately became a marriage, relationship and path of conformity in society. This was incredibly productive for the focussing of individuals as civilisation began to evolve instantly. 

To also add, creating an understanding of the crucial impact of this theory, there are questions I feel I need to ask.

If a figure/object of power is the main direct focus to self control, who in turn has spotlight on them ? Can this effectively be a bulletproof idea, or is the reality of rebellion within civilisation the true means of an escape ?

Religion, the idea of worshipping a higher power to effectively control your own mind and becoming a 'better person' of society the most derived form of Panopticism. The sole reason and intention of limiting people to something that they cannot question. Would this be liable of an credible act to keep a mass civilisation on surveillance due to fear, acceptance, and self belief ?  


I'm actually amazed at this theory and how it actually bases our personalities on self control, we are not as free as we assume we have let ourselves be. Subconciously there is an aspect of surveillance, causing us to behave accordingly to moder society.


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