Monday, 31 December 2012

Phil Donahue - 1984 Punk Show

A few interesting points to say the least throughout this show, mainly the overpowering negativity towards the 'punkers' in question. The majority of the input from the audience seems to come across as a strict, con-formative social attitude formed by the already existing ideology of American society. Again when there is something out of place from this, or against this. It seems to be seen as wrong, inappropriate and incompetent. Realistically this is not the case, as many of the 'punkers' who have voiced there opinions are educated, working and feel that they should be accepted as themselves. Not for how they fashion themselves.

A few key points in which I found the most interesting were the use of DIY independent record labels, fan zines and the discovery of the Zerox printer stated by a representative music journalist. Alongside this the act of being violence seems to have peoples views dominating this towards the entire sub-culture and not specific people, as stated by 'punkers' in question. Old traditions seems to be hard to shake, considering the earlier age of this movement, communication seems to be the severe cause to parental misjudgement.

Bridging a gap through the organisation 'Parents of punkers' to me is a bit of a joke, in it's terms of achievement. Instead of coming to terms with a fashion statement, and ideology of belief. It has again been isolated as a problem in which a mother feels needs to be almost corrected, and no accepted.

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