Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lecture 3: Marxism & Design Activism



A political manifesto, leading to socialism, communism and the twentieth century conflicts between
capital and labour.
A philosophical approach to the social sciences, which focuses on the role of society in determining
human behaviour, based on concept of dialectical materialism.

Capitalism >>>>>>

Bourgoisie > Commodity > Proletariat  

- Our society today, the modern west
- Control the means of production in private hands
* ' we are the consumers, they are the owners'
- Labour power is bought and sold
* ' people for profit '
- Production for commodities for sale
- Use of money / Means of exchange 
- Competition / meritocracy


- Primitive Communism: as seen in cooperative tribal societies.
Slave Society: develops when the tribe becomes a city-state. Birth of aristocracy.
Feudalism: aristocracy becomes the ruling class. Merchants develop into capitalists.
Capitalism: capitalists are the ruling class, who create and employ the real working classes.
Socialism(“Dictatorship of Proletariat"): workers gain class consciousness, overthrow the capitalists and take control over the state.
Communism: a classless and stateless society.



forces of production          -         materials, tools, workers, skills, etc.
relations of production      -         employer/employee, class, master/slave, etc
social institutions             -           legal, political, cultural
forms of consciousness  -            ideology *

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