Friday, 23 March 2012

Task One — Panopticism


Panopticism can be clearly defined within a number of different aspects within society and political embodiments that surround our so call modern world. The urgency for self control, created by ourselves to understand and become part of an effective society. This theory of reformation dates back to the late 18th century, where Jeremy Bentham created the Panopticon. A building with one focus, to force one view of power directly onto the minds of the weak, ultimately allowing themselves to effectively control their own actions.

I came across this video and instantly it occurred to me, that in fact worldwide corporations are taking this very model into practice in this day and age. Castrol oil, a company that has engineered it's product to millions worldwide thriving for more effective performance from their automobiles. What struck me the most was in fact the illusion this short ident / advert that represents the company on an environmentally friendly attitude. Realistically, oil has been one of the major causes to conflict over the last decade or so, costing human lives. For example the outbreak in Iraq assumed to be provoked by terrorism, killing thousands of native citizens and allied troops. It could be questioned that this was a means for power, oil can give you this means.

Within this video, I automatically feel shadowed by the reality of the product they are selling me. Using an elaborate display of conceptual technology, that has been aimed to exaggerate the benefits of using Castrol oil. This direct targeting strategy, aimed at the mass consumerist market forms under a structure. They have the power to create and sell a product, we have to power to purchase an illusion of necessity. Essentially, they have control over what we pay, how we use and how 'important' oil is a raw material to the modern industrial world of today. They have persued a vision onto our own thoughts, if we do not consume, we will not be sustained. Essentially what we see in front of our eyes, is a means for an effective way of living. Controlled by ourselves from one perspective. This manipulation of the mind, is masking the reality of the situation. We become controlled by a company that believes we our controlled by ourselves.

In reality there is a vision in front of us. The companies view on the world, what they do, how they do it and the advantages of their product. A product that has caused the loss of so many lives, so much profit without a humane approach to the solution. We are compelled by advertisements like this, as they are constantly targeting our minds giving us a product for our appreciation of their work. If Castrol oil was placed in the Panopticon as the only perspective, we would have not other choice but to be controlled by them. They have the human race hanging like puppets, companies alike are destroying our minds.

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