Sunday, 25 March 2012

Task Five - The Gaze


Women in sport. More of the 'presentation' and attachment to achievement. The example of the photograph below is a clear example on how a woman becomes, a trophy an almost clear showcase of accomplishment. To aid the victory of the supercross winners, they are not only presented with trophies, money and status, but also a figure of beauty. This could obviously be argued to who holds the rights to a woman's beauty, are we, as men the ones to judge and categorise ?

What astounds me the most of modern ideologies of a woman, is the constant thrive for beauty. A beauty created by men. For centuries men have controlled women, down to exactly how they present themselves. What they wear and how they act as individuals. Again, how can a woman act as her own privileged human being, when men have constantly shaped and defined the idea of beauty ? Even in this photograph, the contest winner to the far left is directly gazing at the woman to his side. Where her vision is directed straight towards the camera. He is obviously overwhelmed by her so called beauty, but she on the other hand could possibly be using herself as a figure, a model almost an object of a mans idea of beauty.

I could say that these women are not doing themselves any favours by dressing, and presenting themselves in such a manner, but realistically that would be naive and ignorant of me to assume so. As essentially they are not in total control of their appearance. Media plays a massive part to the constant change of how a woman should look in modern life. Cosmetics, magazines, film, newspapers to name a few all paint an ideological perception of beauty. This is how you should look, apparently. Who are they to judge or even be allowed to control ? Again, consumerist theory and psychology plays an extremely deep impact on the effects  of this. Buying the products and being allowed to be gazed upon, with out any other choice seems impossible to conflict.

Although to slightly contradict my own thoughts, I feel there is an emergence of female fashion designers shaping the way a woman should look. This is a big step from the previously dominated male structure and market. As a woman can now shape, mould and create an identity for herself and others. Revolution is a possibility ?

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