Friday, 23 March 2012

Task Four - Hyperreality


Films, movies, television & theatre have been able to bring a range of mixed emotions, feelings and thought to millions of people for most of civilisation. Due to technological advances within the particular field, enforced by the industrial revolution and modernity. We are now able to watch moving images on an array of different platforms. Certainly the idea of creating a fully fictional or true based story is something I find bewildering, as there is such a mass variety of titles to chose from. Horror movies are amongst my favourite genres of story telling as I feel they allow a direct response, emotion and atmosphere. Fear.

What I have to question is the emotions, feeling, events that occur within a film, for example Paranormal Activity. Although I know before I even watch the film, that is entirely based on fictional events, I still allow myself to be fooled into a fear provoking anxiety, emerging from the terrorising display of occurrences. The fact that this film, has been created entirely by a whole production team and a director, actors and actresses, special effects and sound experts. Shows that as a human being, you can simultaneously create a hypereal state of mind.

Throughout Paranormal Activity, I found myself building a strange connection with the characters that are acting out in the film. What they were or perceiving as feelings on camera, echoed throughout my own mindset and emotions. If they were frightened, I was effectively taken into the situation they had been placed into. Allowing myself to become petrified of the events, evaluating them into my own life. Essentially reenacting the events within my own thoughts.

From this, I can clearly see the effects of media controlled my own judgement and thought provoking emotions, even if this was not the screenplay writers or authors idea. The essence of film has allowed me to build, what I think or should I say what I am told to think, of our world we live in today. For example New York, I have never been to that place but I know what It looks like, what it could possibly feel like. The fact this has been placed in my mind through mankind, has me wandering what it would be like without film. Would I have the same emotion towards certain events ? Would be understanding of the modern world change ?

I am living in hypereality .

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