Thursday, 9 August 2012

Outline / Draft Dissertation Title

The main idea behind my dissertation proposal is to focus directly within all aspects of design, that has surrounded the sub-cultue over the years. With the uprising of modern technology, advancements in society and the capitalist political world it surrounds. As this is my main interest besides design and illustration. I want to continue to pursue and develop my understanding of identity it creates around the influence produced by the artists. Furthermore, with this incorporate my design work within.


The influence of mass culture, social control and identity with in music specifically focusing on Hardcore/Punk .

Has social control through the media, affected the identity of a cultural following throughout Hardcore Punk music ?

- Propaganda
- Self Branding / Visual Identity
- Mechanical Reproduction / Promotion through individuals

How did right wing politics during the 80's influence the minds of the sub culture involved ?

- Thatchers Britain
- Straight Edge / The effects on young teenagers and the following it created
- Specific Bands and their involvement with anarchist / anti-political movements
- Anti-capitalism

Could a band still speak the same message without music or a following ?

- Adorno Vs Benjamin / Illusion of pseudo-individuality
- D.I.Y culture
- Meaning is created at the point of reception

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