Friday, 23 March 2012

Task Two - Mechanical Reproduction


In the mid 15th century the Gutenberg press, a break thorough in the expansion and production of knowledge in large quantities in the form of print based media. Books. Due to large amounts of debt that Johann Gutenberg had accumulated over the years to keep is project in action, his rights and privileges were shortly taken away from him and put forward for a new production project, increasing the spread of the Bible. A process which has allowed religion to reach out to the minds of the masses, readily available for constant access and widespread preaching.

This in effect has allowed the 'holy' bible to brainwash multiple replicas of the good life. Expressed from the chapters and diversity within religion. Undoubtedly I cannot express how I feel about religion as a whole without offending. It does not bother me personally, or do I express my angst towards religious belief, but I feel that it has allowed the minds of an entire mass culture. To be utilised to questionable figure. God. 

With this sustainable, worldwide extension of literature in plain sight, the significance of educated perviously unprivileged 'lower class' of individuals has allowed technological advances throughout the modern world. We would not have computers, mobile phones or even the internet without the mechanical reproduction of education. This is where I feel the machine has made it's most successful mark, not with religion, with facts that have had theorists, scientists, historians to name a few. Become bewildered in the events of a once primitive state of civilisation. Religious belief on the other hand, does not consistently bare the same principles behind thorough examination. If it is ridiculed to be wrong, anger is caused across a mass audience, if a piece of science is disproved by another man, this is embraced and understood by a mass audience. Where a questions begins to emerge from my own understanding. How can such a well known, mass produced piece of literature become the blue prints and approach to so many peoples lives, without ever themselves questioning the occurrences throughout the bible ?  

In essence, mechanical reproduction is entering a new form of a wide spread mass emergence of education. Digital media, the internet and mobile technologies that have transformed the way the world is viewed today. Without this crucial development, the general mass audience would not be able to access the pieces of education and information that have shaped their own lives. 

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